A public space that will include 2 storey demountable stucture consisting of:

Roof space open during the day for public use as viewing platform / place do drink coffee or have picnic. This will have Fixings for temporary cover.

1st floor rented to space suitable for temporary artist studios - this would mean the space is in use and will have people coming and going making the area feel safer and more over looked

Ground floor adaptable space used for public / private events, exhibitions, workshops
and a cafe. this could be used by the Camley street Nature Park or by Central St Martin's or hired out to members of the public.

The idea of the proposal is to give the area a focal point which can serve the community and bring an interest to the area, to draw people in. And also create a feel of activity so that this corner of kings cross feels safer to walk through (as it will become a root across the canal for cyclist and pedestrians but could easily be avoided if it was thought unsafe)